Our Scones

At Livhu’s Confectionery Bakery, we take pride in our scones, a true testament to our dedication to the art of baking. Each scone is a masterpiece, a perfect blend of tender, flaky texture and rich, comforting flavors. Crafted with love and the finest ingredients, our scones are designed to delight and satisfy with every bite.

The Perfect Scone: A Symphony of Flavor and Texture

Our scones are not just baked goods; they are an experience. Made from scratch daily, we ensure that every scone that leaves our kitchen is fresh, fluffy, and bursting with flavor. Whether you’re a fan of the classic plain scone, or you crave the excitement of our ever-changing seasonal varieties, there’s a scone at Livhu’s for every palate.

Our Signature Scone Selection

Classic Plain Scone – Perfectly simple and simply perfect. Our classic plain scone is a buttery delight, ideal for those who appreciate the elegance of simplicity.

Fruit Scones – Laden with juicy sultanas or bursting with berries, our fruit scones are a sweet and tangy treat, perfect for a decadent breakfast or a luxurious afternoon tea.

Cheese Scones – Savory and rich, our cheese scones are a hearty option, offering a deliciously savory twist on the traditional scone. They are perfect for those who prefer a less sweet snack.

Seasonal Specialties – Inspired by the flavors of the season, our bakery regularly offers a variety of limited-time scones. From pumpkin spice in the fall to lemon drizzle in the summer, these special scones are eagerly awaited by our regulars.

Served With Love

Every scone is best enjoyed with a dollop of clotted cream and a spread of our homemade jam, creating a perfect balance of flavors. Pair with a cup of our carefully selected teas or a coffee for the ultimate indulgence.

Order Your Scones Today

Whether you’re planning a brunch, treating yourself to an afternoon snack, or simply looking for the perfect accompaniment to your morning tea or coffee, our scones are sure to elevate the occasion. Order online for easy pickup or delivery within our service area.

A Tradition of Excellence

At Livhu’s Confectionery Bakery, our scones are more than just a product; they’re a passion. We’re committed to preserving the traditional methods while also embracing innovation and creativity in our baking. Visit us to discover why our scones have become a local favorite in Emalahleni, TASBET Park, and beyond.

Indulge in the simple pleasure of a freshly baked scone from Livhu’s Confectionery Bakery—where every bite is a celebration of quality, flavor, and the joy of baking.