Jam Tarts

Our Jam Tarts

Step into a world of sweet indulgence with Livhu’s Confectionery Bakery’s exquisite Jam Tarts. Our bakery, nestled in the heart of Emalahleni, TASBET Park, is renowned for creating treats that tantalize the taste buds and warm the heart, and our jam tarts are no exception. Made with love and the finest ingredients, each tart is a celebration of flavor, texture, and the timeless art of baking.

A Symphony of Flavors

Our Jam Tarts are a perfect harmony of crisp, buttery pastry and luscious, vibrant jam fillings. Each bite transports you to a place of comfort and joy, making our tarts the perfect treat for any occasion or simply a delightful everyday indulgence.

Our Signature Jam Tart Selection

Classic Raspberry Jam Tarts – The tangy sweetness of raspberry jam encased in our signature pastry. These tarts are a beloved classic, offering a burst of flavor that’s both refreshing and satisfying.

Strawberry Delight Jam Tarts – Filled with smooth, sweet strawberry jam, these tarts are a favorite among all ages. The bright flavor of strawberries makes every bite a pure delight.

Apricot Bliss Jam Tarts – For those who prefer a subtle sweetness, our Apricot Bliss Jam Tarts are the perfect choice. The delicate flavor of apricot jam pairs beautifully with the flaky pastry.

Blackcurrant Wonder Jam Tarts – Rich and deeply flavored, our Blackcurrant Wonder Jam Tarts are a luxurious treat. The intense blackcurrant jam offers a unique taste experience that’s both bold and irresistible.

Seasonal and Limited Edition Flavors

In addition to our cherished classics, we’re always exploring new flavors and seasonal delights. Keep an eye out for our limited edition jam tarts, inspired by the freshest ingredients and the seasons, ensuring there’s always something new and exciting to try.

Crafted with Passion

At Livhu’s Confectionery Bakery, we pour our hearts into every tart we bake. From selecting the highest quality ingredients to carefully preparing each batch, our dedication to excellence shines through in the taste and presentation of our jam tarts.

Order and Enjoy

Craving a sweet treat? Our Jam Tarts are available for order online for pickup or delivery within our service area. Perfect for sharing with loved ones or enjoying as a personal treat, our tarts are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Experience the Joy of Livhu’s Jam Tarts

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, we invite you to discover the joy and satisfaction of our Jam Tarts. At Livhu’s Confectionery Bakery, we’re more than just a bakery – we’re a place where sweet memories are made, one tart at a time.

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Livhu’s Confectionery Bakery’s Jam Tarts—where every tart is a testament to our love for baking and a promise of quality and delight.